About Me

Hi! Welcome to my site. Let me introduce myself because there are so many sides to me, sides I have yet to discover and sides I am about to remember:

-Mom of 3 beautiful girl
-Social Media Specialist
-Virtual Events Specialist
-Affiliate Marketer
-Mom Blogger
-The Las Vegas Tweetup
-Amazon FBA Seller

This is how I like to describe myself:

Imagine if you will.. kidding…

I’m not your typical Mom blogger (although, there may be a perception about typical but I think we’re all pretty unique in our own right, don’t you?).

I am a Social Media Marketing / Virtual Events Specialist / FBA Amazon seller who Geeks on Internet / Affiliate Marketing and is a loyal die-hard WordPress.org fanatic!

I like to enjoy a good glass of wine or cup of coffee (quite possibly in that order).

This blog site is going to be everything I love, yes I am throwing the rule book out the window. I love and yes here we go on an “I, I, I, I,” as Brad Pitt said, oops that was Julia Roberts’ line in “The Mexican”. I love movies, I love wine, I love my girls to the moon and back. I love Internet Marketing and I will be sharing everything I have learned on that journey here also. I love selling on Amazon. I love music and to dance (how is it I stopped dancing and lost myself?). I love new adventures. I’m a conflicted female, why? I am a foodie at heart and my inner skinny girl cannot stand that my outer chunky girl is winning! The table is turning on that chunky girl, and Inner skinny girl is about to rock the house!I will be taking you on my journey to get fit and continue feeding the “foodie” that I am. I am an only child of a bi-racial marriage, yes we will be discussing this.

I think you get it, I am going to be talking about finding “Myself” again after 13 yrs of marriage and starting over, in addition to what I love! Occasionally, about what I need to rant, rave, and review.

So There you have it, that’s me.

Love Me – Eleanor

PS… Affiliate Marketing Disclosure pretty much every link on this site leads to an affiliate offer, from products I use myself and Internet Marketers I trust.

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