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Yesterday, I shared with you the first Q4 group I join and today I am going to share the 2nd group.

I join BOTH of these groups every year, and I have a Bonus that I shared.  It will be at the bottom of the post.

The Selling Family’s Q4 Amazon Seller Training Group is a must.
This group approaches Q4 completely different from my other favorite group.

Here is the link to the sales page just incase you just want in with out reading:

You will find 2 options. My bonus is good for the Group Coaching offer of $297 only.

I join Jessica’s group every year for her lists and research.  I shop on Thanksgiving day at Toys R Us and I do it with a list from this group.  So when I go into Toys R Us I know exactly what I am buying so I can get in and get out of the store multiple times.  This feature alone allows me to make bank at Toys R Us!

Here are some of the amazing features Jessica is offering:

Our Q4 Profits Training Ebook Featuring:

-Our Top Selling Categories for Q4.
-Ranking Guidelines and Sales Volume in our most popular categories.
-Categories To Source Outside Of Toys.
-Buying Inventory That Will (Hopefully) Go Up in Price.
-Competing Against Amazon As A Seller.
-Considering Merchant Fulfilling Items.
-Keeping Up With “Regular Items”.
-Stores You Never Shop Will Now Be On Your List.
-Using Weekly Ads for Research.
-Taking Advantage of Store Rewards for Bigger Profits.
-Setting Realistic Expectations.
-Making the Most of Black Friday (Both as a Buyer and a Seller).
-Dealing with the new “Frustration Free Packaging”.
-Q4 Testimonial Bundling products for Extra Profits.
-Using Hot Toy Lists For “Sideways” Research.
-Setting Up A Sourcing Buy List.
-ROI Goals during Q4.
-Doing The Math – How Much Can You Make?
-Finding Popular Items in Stores and What to Do When Stores Go Out of Stock.
-Preparing Your Personal Life For Q4

Our Q4 Profits Training Videos Featuring:

-Scanning Weekly Ads To Find Clues On Profitable Products To Sell
-Researching Product Lines Online To Spot The Winners
-Creating Buy Lists Using The Main Hot Toy Lists
-Black Friday Preparation
-Bonus: Bundle Training Webinar With Debra and Jessica
-Bonus: Merchant Fulfilling Made Easy Videos

Private 10 Week Group Coaching
8 Facebook Live Q&A Sessions
Trends Of 2016 Cheat Sheet
BONUS: Merchant Fulfill Course
BONUS: Bundle Training With Jessica & Debra

Now let’s Recap of my Bonus:

When you purchase off of my affiliate link and forward me your receipt to I will send you a link to
register for a bonus webinar where you can submit your questions.

Remember I said I join two groups every year?
This would be buying Jessica’s $297 coaching group in addition to Beth and Seth’s group.
Then I will add you to a private group in Facebook where you will have access to me and additional Bolos.  You can see the other post here so you can benefit from my bonus:

You will get the webinar as a bonus no matter what group you join of the two I share if you choose to only join one.

Here are both links to grab both groups:
It doesn’t matter if it is your first Q4 or you 2, 3, 4th one you will love these to groups,

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