Live Video Revolution

Have you noticed I’ve been using a lot more video lately? That’s because its a proven technique to get more sales. Social media was hot and now the best and brightest are using live video. If you’re not doing live video, 6 months down the road you’ll be wishing you did. Live video is awesome […]

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Recylced Riches – How To Use Yesterday’s Content To Earn Tomorrow’s Fortunes

Do you see me?  Yes I’m excited, I still can’t believe that I am part of a product with all these Amaze Ball people! Just have to say thank you to Deb and Amy for inviting me to participate. Let’s get down to business,  you are told “More Content = More Profits” but would you […]

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I have fallen in Love with  Recenlty, I took a podcasting course from VAClassroom I highly recommend it Andrea Kalli was our instructor and she always over delivers!  Hopefully they will release “Podcasting Marketing Success Strategies”  course again soon, so you can enjoy it yourself.  I get distracted so easily, the reason I brought […]

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