Where Do I Find Content?

Where do I find content?

If I never wrote anything, made blog posts, or posted on social media, then no one would ever see what I have to offer. If I only wrote about things I want to sell, then people would ignore my content because it was always pitching something. The problem is, that between shopping, finding these awesome products to promote, and posting on social media, I don’t have a lot of time to find content. I needed a reliable source to quickly find things that people are buzzing about, will add value to their life and business without spending a lot of time researching it. So where do I find content?

I could pay a VA for the hours of time it would take to find content for me. Then I’d have to spend time sifting through their finds to see if it matches my market. It might take them hours just to find enough content for me to post in one week.

Lucky for me, Beachpreneur hostess Kelly McCausey has started a brand new and over the top service. They do all the work for me! They find both evergreen content AND the newest, greatest content that people will buzz about.

Its only 4th quarter but I’m super excited about all the time I’m going to save well into the new year! For a tiny price (especially compared to hiring a VA to do research) I’m able to get great content that my readers will want to share. I can post this information myself OR I can have my VA post it for me. This time saver is a no-brainer if you want more traffic, positive exposure and an ever expanding social circle. Each Buzz Monthly issue packed full with ideas for Blog Posts, Videos, Podcasts, Webinars & Shareable Images!

Do yourself a favor and get in on this great service now!

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