Grow Your List By Teaching Them LinkedIn

grow your list by teaching your clients linkedin


LinkedIn is the quiet little secret behind the success of many online business owners. If you’re not actively using it to find new clients, you’re definitely missing out. LinkedIn has 450 million members as of 2016. That’s a ton of opportunity for anyone who does business online to reach out and connect with potential customers!

Using the LinkedIn Planner, you can coach your clients either one on one or through a group about how they can grow their business using LinkedIn. Or you could just use the LinkedIn Planner as a lead generator to build your list.

The hard work of creating the content is done for you…all you have to do is customize it for your needs. Not only that, but it’s super affordable. Think of the time and money you’ll save!

Here’s what you’ll get in the Step-by-Step Planner (17 pages)

  • Step 1: Set Up Your Account
    • Exercise: Choose Your Photo & Create Your Headline
  • Step 2: Optimize Your Profile for Search
    • Exercise: Use Your Keywords
  • Step 3: Find and Connect with Your Ideal Clients
    • Exercise: Search for and Identify Potential Connections
    • Exercise: Create an Invitation Template
  • Step 4: Find, Join and Participate in Relevant Groups
    • Exercise: Find and Join Relevant Groups in Your Niche
  • Step 5: Create Your Own LinkedIn Group
    • Exercise: Determine Your Group’s USP
  • Step 6: Share Valuable Content
    • Exercise: Find and Share Relevant, High-Quality Content
  • Step 7: Publish on LinkedIn Pulse
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Content Ideas for LinkedIn Pulse
  • Step 8: Promote Your Best Products & Programs
    • Exercise: Choose Products and Create Promotions for LinkedIn

Your clients will love having this LinkedIn planner that they can just print off and refer back to. Don’t miss out!

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