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Selling on Amazon has added another valuable stream of income to my family, allowing me to be around for whatever my kids need during the day (school / work drop off, run errands for my elderly parents, etc..).  On this page you will find links to all the courses I have personally taken from my Coach Jessica Larrew.  In addition there are other resources from my Friend Debra Conrad and others some I have purchased and others I have not they are on my wish list. I look forward to hearing about your success with Amazon!

Q4 Groups 2016

I have joined two Q4 groups for this amazing selling season.  Both groups have a limited amount of spaces and both coaches are amazing.  I chose to be in both groups.

The Selling Family Q4 coaching Group 

Q4 Success Group with Beth Maus

The Selling Family

ThesellingFamilyResources for FBA by Jessica and Cliff Larrew:

ABC BootCamp:

The only step by step Amazon Training Course Available! This includes an amazing Facebook group that will expose you to other sellers and get any questions answered you might have.  We all will be cheering you on!

ABC BootCamp The Online Arbitrage Version Video Course

I’m sure that you have heard about all of the success that people are having with selling on Amazon, right?  They make it seem so easy!  Just go from store to store, buy up all of the clearance and then sell it on and make $1,000′s.  Well, what are you supposed to do if you don’t want to be running all around town?  What if you don’t like shopping or being in crowds?  Online Sourcing Could Be Your Answer!

Liquid Gold:

You are looking for a new inventory source that has very little competition.

You are tired of margins around 50% and want 100% +.

You want to start purchasing multiples, instead of just one or two all the time.

You like to think “out of the box”!

Online Sourcing Strategies:

In “Online Sourcing Strategies,” they show you the exact system he uses to source products for your FBA business online.

Back To School

Come join Jessica Larrew and Beth Maus as they share with you how to take advantage of this prime selling season. Selling back to school items on Amazon can be very lucrative. This is a time that is often overlooked by a lot of sellers, simply because it is “short lived”.

Find Hire and Train Virtual Assistants to find Profitable Inventory While You Sleep!  Are you looking for a way to put your Amazon business on Auto Pilot? Join Jessica Larrew as she shows you how to Find, Hire & Train a Virtual Assistant that can help you get some time back into your life!

Grocery Goldmine

A Real World Guide for selling Groceries on Amazon.  Are you tired of constantly looking for new items to sell?  Have you heard of people talking about selling replenish able items on Amazon?  Where they buy a product from the store and then are able to restock that item over and over again?  I know that it probably seems impossible to be able to pay full price for something and then actually sell it for high enough to make a profit!

Or maybe you have heard of people selling groceries, but you just don’t understand where to start in a store full of grocery items!

GoDaddy Bookkeeping Tutorial

In this training, they will walk you step by step through the process of using this bookkeeping system so that you will not only be ready for tax time this year, but you will know for sure that your business is profitable and where all that money actually goes every month!

Profitable Product Pages 

This video course contains 2 hours worth of video explaining how to create product pages on Amazon. It goes over the basis behind what makes a good product page and then walks through the technical side of actually creating the listing. There are 5 videos and 4 worksheets included.

Q4 Profits EBook and Video Course

Q4 is the time where Amazon Sellers make up 50% of their yearly income. We focus on retail arbitrage and “straight off the shelf” products. The guide is heavily focused on toys, but covers other categories as well.

Amazon Seller Account Reimbursements Training

As an Amazon Sellers we are entitled to hundreds, and sometimes THOUSANDS of dollars in reimbursements from Amazon?

There are times that the products we send in to Amazon get damaged, lost or destroyed.  The policy is that if it is to any fault of Amazon’s, then they will reimburse us automatically.  After a set amount of time, depending on the situation.  But you have to know how to find the products that you are owed reimbursements for.

The Selling Family Blog

Still not sure that selling on Amazon is for you?  Visit The Selling Family’s blog now for more information.

Inventory Lab

Inventory Lab is an Amazon Sellers Bestie for listing inventory and keeping track of profit and loss and more!

Beth Maus

Making Big Profits With Toys Outside of Q4Beth Maus is a single mom who “Makes Big Profits Selling Toys Outside Of Q4” all year long.  The best thing about selling toys is it is one of the categories that doesn’t require approval for the most part. So you can jump right into this profitable category and take off running!  Toys are easily sourced at almost every store.  But it is often confusing and overwhelming for sellers to figure out what toys are good for resale.  Now you won’t have to worry about that with Beth’s coaching program!

Share-A-Shipment-Blog-coverShare a Shipment is the new service by Beth Maus and her son Seth Maus for Amazon Sellers.

This new program will help you streamline your purchasing power. Share AShipment is a monthly subscription program unlike any buy list that us Amazon Sellers have ever seen before.

Many buy lists are full of items that have very little profit and/or ranks that won’t sell through very quickly. They are aiming to change that!

We all need a few new ideas of where to look for inventory or what to buy. The most important thing is that they need to be good items; products that will actually add value to our businesses and increase our bottom lines. I know you want that, too! Click the link below to read all about it.

Toy-Insider-Website-GraphicWhat if you could add a lucrative category to your Amazon selling arsenal?  What if there was training to help to you with selling in this category?

There is a definite learning curve to selling toys and other kid’s items.  It’s not as simple as walking into a store, picking up any Disney item, and selling it for a profit.  But I have good news!  Beth and  Seth are here to help!

They have put together a monthly package called Toy Insider Monthly that will keep you up-to-date on what is going on in the world of selling toys and other kid’s items on Amazon.  This is not just for beginning sellersIf you’re an established seller, there’s great benefit to staying on the cutting edge of what’s going on in the world of toys; not just during q4, when the holidays come around, but all throughout the year when new lines and brands make their appearance. 

Debra Conrad

Debra Conrad is a Streamer just like me she loves generating multiple streams of income online!

Thrifting For Profit The Amazon WayYou probably are like me and don’t have a huge “budget” to spend on inventory to sell on Amazon.  Debra Conrad will show you how to look at Thrift Stores in a different light and find very profitable inventory for YOUR Amazon FBA business! “Easily Find Low Cost, Very High Profit Products At Thrift Stores To Flip and Sell on Amazon FBA!”

 Really? – YES – Really!

Thrift Stores can be a GOLD MINE of profitable Amazon inventory!

Get your copy of Thrifting For Profit The Amazon Way  today!

ThriftingfordeadtechprofitsYou won’t believe what some “seemingly” ordinary products can bring in profit! She has been selling office supplies and “Dead Tech” on Amazon for over 2 years and have found some of the best products that sell for the most profit.

Office Supplies and “Dead Tech” products are just two of the categories she scouts for…. but these products are so profitable, she never passes up these sections in any thrift store.

ThriftingfornichebookprofitsYou no longer have to be frustrated when sourcing niche books at thrift stores, garage sales, and book sales. In Thrifting for Niche Book Profits Debra will show how to “Easily Find Low Cost, Very High Profit “Niche Books” At Thrift Stores To Flip and Sell on Amazon FBA!”

When you learn to source the “right” books, you will be saving time and money. The RIGHT books usually sell for 10 – 20 or even 50 times the cost.

She has a system for buying exactly the “right” books and leaving the dogs on the shelf.

holiday bundles that rock all year This is a FREE four part mini-video series that cover the following topics:

1. Choose A Holiday Related Target Market. (You are here)

Holiday gift bundles that focus on the receiver instead of the holiday.

2. Holiday Gift Bundles That Focus On The Holiday.

Source products that can be replenished year after year.

3. Create NEW Product Pages For The Same Bundles.

Bundles that focus on everyday products – yet – can be be re-marketed towards a Holiday Market during 4th quarter.

4. Bundles That I Don’t Recommend Wasting Your Time On.


One of the best ways to set yourself apart as an Amazon Seller and Kick your Amazon Sales Into High Gear is With Bundles!

Competition Can Kill Your Profits… Sell Products Where You Are The ONLY Seller!

If you have been selling on Amazon for a while, you know how it works… you buy “stuff” to sell on Amazon and the price tanks. It’s annoying.

One of the way’s to “grow” our Amazon business is to get creative and get out of the way of most of your competition.

Bundle Basics and Advanced Strategies Kick Amazon Sales Into High Gear With Bundles!

Competition Can Kill Your Profits… Sell Products Where You Are The ONLY Seller

Amazon AdvantageThese days, the competition on Amazon is brutal. Why spend all that time & money creating a product or bundle then wimp out on the sales copy?

By implementing what you will learn in “Amazon Advantage – Product Listing Strategies To Boost Your Sales” you will be able to rank higher in the Amazon search results & make more sales!

amazon product description bootcampAre your products not selling fast enough on Amazon? You can Watch and learn from a Pro’s Secrets to Creating Magnetic Product Descriptions that will catapult your sales through. Check out this in-depth video series from Karon Thackston “Amazon Product Description Boot Camp” and enjoy making more money by keeping your inventory moving.

Full Time FBA

The Resellers Guide to Board GamesBoard Games are everywhere and with Stephen Smotherman’s book “The Resellers Guide to Board Games” you will learn How to Turn Play Money into Real Money. Stephen is going to show you just how easy it is to make hundreds of dollars a week selling new and used board games.


Married to Reselling by Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman. Are you having a hard time balancing family life with your online business?

This savvy married couple will walk with you through ways we can all find success in balancing our time with family while working from home.  They tackle both the business and personal sides of life as a reseller, and help you explore a system that will work best for you and your family.

The Reseller’s Guide to A Year in FBA
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to always be prepared for whatever comes your way in your Amazon business? Do you ever get frustrated because it seems like you’re always a few steps behind other Amazon sellers? If you’re ready to always be ready, then this book is for you.

The Resellars Guide To A Year In FBA by Stephen SmothermanThe Reseller’s Guide to A Year in FBA is a month by month guide that will help you be properly prepared for all you need to do (and avoid doing) in order to help you both save money and maximize your profits. There is a chapter in the book for each month of the year. From January to December, Stephen walks you through everything from important deadlines, what items to source for, and holidays to prepare for, to sales to take advantage of and resources that will help you become an expert in many different aspects of online reselling.

The Reseller’s Guide to ‘How to Keepa Came

How_to_Keepa_Camel-97-1-768x543The Reseller’s Guide to “How to Keepa Camel”  You will no longer wonder what it would be like to buy inventory that almost always sells quickly?  Stop getting frustrated because it seems like by the time your inventory arrives at Amazon, your competition has “tanked” the price and you’re not able to sell your inventory at the prices you wanted?

If it seems like your Amazon sourcing is more of a gamble than a sure thing, then this course is for you. Sites like Camel Camel Camel and Keepa, but with “How to Keepa Camel”  you’ll get videos and a printable guide that show you exactly how to use Keepa and Camel Camel Camel’s sites.


BoloMartBoloMart is a paid membership group for FBA Sellers share Bolos and More… We are a Closed group on Facebook that welcomes seasoned and new FBA sellers into our community. Membership is limited to 150 members period, this will never change, there will be no exceptions to this number. (This number does not include spouses or significant others)

Jordan Malik


“You can get really inexpensive toys and games (and pay $0 to $5 each) right in your own city and neighborhood, and sell these items on Amazon for big profits.” Make sure to grab Jordan Malik’s

Resell Toy Guide.

Jordan Malik’s Cleer Platinum makes online arbitrage easy, all you need to do is add this extension to your Chrome browser. Once you do that, every time you go to Amazon, you’ll be able to see where to buy that product and how much money you can make when you sell it yourself on Amazon!

Deirdre Harter

Introducing: State by State Sales Tax, a program that will guide you step by step through registration, collection, and filing sales tax on your own – saving you countless hours and accounting fees.

Charlene Anderson 

Wholesale-Sourcing-Grunge-Logo-300x231 Are you ready for Wholesale?  Then the Wholesale Sourcing Experts Private Group with Charlene Anderson is for you!
You will have access to Charlene through the private Facebook group, through private messaging, and through twice monthly private podcasts.

Make sure to get the book also off of Amazon.

Gift Card and Cash Back Sites


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back Cash Back

As a member of TopCashBack, and I’ve made some great savings so far on my online shopping. There are no catches, and it’s completely free to join. So, why don’t you join too?

In addition I want to make sure you know that I am a die hard affiliate marketer, which provides me with another stream of income. If you purchase off of any of the links above I will make a commission, THANK YOU for purchasing off of my links and helping me stay a Work From Home Mom. – Eleanor

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