“I just wanted to share my experience with hiring Eleanor. With the social media work she did for us, within just 3 weeks, we had Sold Out our entire class, and more than made up the fee that she charged!

Let me explain…

I ran into Eleanor one time in a coaching teleclass. I knew I needed a VA to put into reality some of the wishful thoughts I had stewing around. We struck up a conversation and she was knowledgable, ready, and (very important to me) seemed genuinely Excited about my projects (I sure am, so I want people around me to be Excited, too – it comes thru!).

So, I hired Eleanor to do me up a Facebook Fan page for my most urgent business (I have 4). She had ideas, and the know-how to do so much more than I had expected! She was even willing to do her own research to get my sites started. She asked for every picture I had, and she used just the right stuff in just the right places.

Now, I’ve been working with her for only 2 short months and I have:

  • 2 Fan Pages, beautifully done, one with almost 100 fans already.
  • 2 Twitter accounts, that are active and growing.
  • A WordPress blog, with some add-ins.
  • They’ve been submitted to hundreds of search sites
  • A Squidoo lens
  • 2 YouTube channels
  • A LinkedIn page
  • most of it hooked together to automatically tweet each other
  • … and more!
  • (and I’m getting ready to have her do my other 2 businesses, too, include autoresponder and store!)

I am most impressed with her skill, breadth of knowledge, ability to make and keep commitments, very reasonable prices and wonderful attitude! If you want social media going for yourself… and we GOTTA have it, I guess… then hire Eleanor to get you started, and off to a great start!

– Matt Perelstein


p.s. Do we need social media?? I think we do. We’ve been teaching our classes now for over 20 years… and we have never SOLD OUT the entire class until Eleanor made a Facebook Fan page for it (our Nov. 6 class, last month). People didn’t actually sign-up for the class on the Fan page, but the level of personal involvement it mustered helped Considerably toward filling that class!

p.p.s. – I am now talking to her about doing up the media for a third business. It doesn’t cost to work with her, it pays!”

“Eleanor-Your VIRTUAL GO TO GIRL FRIDAY- was referred to us from one of our BBPN members when we first launched the Backyard Boutique Party Network Online (bbpnonline.com). Now,we’re based in Los Angeles and she is in Las Vegas, but do you think that mattered?? No!! She is awesome! She is knowledgeable in so many areas- from businesses to blogs- when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Immediately, she had a plan of action to get our membership going and website thriving. She set up our BBPN Twitter Page, Customized with cool apps our BBPN Facebook Fan Page, not to mention all the great posts (for free, might I add) she has on Social Media Marketing on her personal website and shared on ours to help our BBPN members. Now our next step is just utilizing her to train us or have her keep them updated because she is so feasibly reasonable. I have referred her many times to several of our BBPN Members. Always available, honestly responsive, and virtually savvy-that’s Eleanor Prior- GO TO HER!!!
Backyard Blessings”

Heidi Alexander
Sr. Vice President, Co-Founder
Hip, Fun, and Creative Boutique Parties
Showcasing Women-Owned Businesses!


“Your Virtual Girl Friday has brought My Beauty, Inc (My Beauty Inc) back to life. By connecting us to every possible social media outlet you can think of, we have increased our following and have gained valuable contacts that have led to business opportunities. I am also VERY particular and she has never lost her patience with me and is Always prompt and professional. Thank you SO much VGF-You are awesome! I know anyone who finds you will hit the jackpot- and I know they’ll never let you go…I’m almost afraid to refer you—just promise you’ll always make time for My Beauty 🙂
Stay Beautiful!”

Gabrielle M. Thomas
Founder- My Beauty, Inc.
Website: www.MyBeautyCamp.com

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